LDR490 Assessment Assignments

chapter Date
1	18 Jan
2	25 Jan
3	1  Feb
4	8  Feb
5	15 Feb
6	22 Feb face-to-face in class (quiz 2-4)
7	1  Mar
8	15 Mar face-to-face in class (quiz 5-7)
9	22 Mar
10	29 Mar
11	5  Apr
12	12 Apr
13	19 Apr
14	26 Apr face-to-face in class (8-10, 11-13)
15	3  May
16	10 May or other at student's request 
	final exam if necessary(quiz 14-16)

There are three main assignments plus extra credits.

Assignment 1. at home. on line. via email. or hand in during face-to-face meetings. handwritten is OK.

Answer the questions on the first case of chapters 2-16 in Northouse, Leadership: Theory and Practice.
Deadline is 10 May but students are encouraged to submit them frequently throughout the course.

Assignment 2. in face-to-face classes --
A two question quiz with the following format.  
Question A. Answer one of the two following Northouse cases.
Question B. Describe the strengths and weaknesses
of one of two of the following leadership theories.

For the 22 February class, you are responsible for
Northouse chapters 2-4; for the March 15 class, Northouse chapters 5-7; for the April 26 class, Northouse chapters 8-10, 11-13; for the optional May 10 final exam; Northouse chapters 14-16 or makeup of a previous chapter set.

Assignment 3. 
	A.Write 5 one-page reviews of Leadership sample texts of your own selection. 
	B. Write 1 five-page review of a complete text of your own selection.

Optional extra credit assignments will be assigned  
through the semester via email.

The 10 May final exam is optional to be used for making up missed quizzes or to improve existing quiz grades.